Frequently Asked Questions
  I have published to my screen and it is not updating/What do I do if my screen is offline?
  How do I update my screen?
  What is the best web browser to use for
  How do I create my own layout for content?
  Why is my screen displaying "Error (Screen Mode Unmatch)"?
  How do I update my screen if it is not connected to the internet? (Plug and play method)
  How do I convert my video file to a compatible format?
  How do I display my Twitter or Facebook profile?
  How do I configure proxy server settings on my screen/player?
  How do I display a webpage full screen?
  How do I find my screen/player's licence key (S/N)?
  What security is in place on My Signage Portal?
  What information do I need if there are restrictions in place on my network? (e.g. firewalls)
  How do I create an RSS Feed and assign it to a Playlist?
  How do I create my own custom weather tool using the Web Zone?
  How do I create a custom RSS Feed using a Web Zone?
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