Publish Your Content in Seconds

We have developed an easy "Rapid Publishing" tool that allows you to upload and send your content in a matter of seconds. Update your displays instantaneously and ensure that you're always displaying the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Simple Setup

All it takes are three easy steps and your content is published in no time. Choose the orientation of your screen, upload your media and select your screens ? it really is that easy!

Free Digital Signage Templates

Access a wide range of free templates with eye-catching designs and layouts that you can easily edit and make your own and fully customise.


Create Dynamic Multi Zone Layouts

Design your own unique layouts, in either landscape or portrait orientation, with different zones and layers for your images, videos, text, live webpages and more. Let your creativity flow and create dynamic and show-stopping content for your audience.

  • Diverse Formats

    As well as supporting a wide range of images and videos formats and scrolling text with RSS feeds, you can also upload office documents, like PowerPoint presentations or Excel spreadsheets, websites, widgets, and so much more.

  • Integrate Your Own Fonts

    If your company has specific branding and you want to integrate your own fonts in the software for brand consistency, get in touch with our support advisers and we'll integrate them for use with static text.

Integrated Hardware Solutions

We offer a comprehensive range of commercial display hardware solutions which are designed in conjunction with My Signage Portal to ensure ultimate control and reliability. Unlike other software platforms, we offer an all-in-one solution that not only is more cost effective by cutting down the need of an external media player, but is also easier to install, use and support.


Effortless Hardware Setup

Because we manufacture our hardware in conjunction with our software platform, we are able to pre-configure our displays to fit your needs. This means that as soon as you receive your display all you have to do is connect it either via LAN or WiFi. No more configuration hassle such as software installation or registering licence keys. With our system you don't need any technical knowledge to take advantage of the benefits offered by digital signage solutions.

Ultimate Online Control

When using our software in conjunction with our hardware solutions, there is no need for an external media player and, by having the media player integrated in the hardware, you have full control of the screen itself.

  • Schedule Playlists

    Once your playlist has been created, you can choose to either display your content immediately or schedule the times and dates for it to be displayed. This allows you to display what you want, when you want and have complete control of what your audience is experiencing.

  • Global Remote Commands

    Not only can you update the content on your displays remotely from anywhere in the world, you can also send commands to reboot your screens, format the internal memory, stop and start content playback, rotate the orientation and so much more! You can retain full control of your screens no matter where you are.

Multi-Screen Synchronisation

Because we manufacture our hardware solutions in conjunction with My Signage Portal, we were able to fully optimise our software and minimise the perceived lag time of synchronisation to less than 0.042 seconds! This allows you to create content that flawlessly flows between multiple screens, creating the ultimate dynamic experience.

Manage and Control Your Organisation

Take full control of user access, reports and visuals by tailoring your own user interface.